NADINE HASELIER  - Visual Ethnographer & DOP

BOWER: Staycation 
Photography by Maxime Cardol 

A photo series documenting two best friends finding solace in the summer heat during the second national lockdown. Through the eyes of the two  women, Maxime explores the connection between femininity and nature in Dutch landscapes. The images  reflect the beauty of a hot summer day in the Netherlands, and capture women reconnecting with their roots in nature. The project reflects the melancholy and longing for change, but at the same time finding comfort and shelter within the Dutch wilderness.

Photographer: Maxime Cardol
Producer: Nadine Haselier
Head of Photography: Gemma Verberkt
Styling: Daniëlle Kempen
HMU: Marije Koelewijn
Talent: Wendel, Lotte

©Nadine Haselier