NADINE HASELIER  - Visual Ethnographer & DOP

adidas: Opposites Attract (adicolor FW20) 
Photography by Laila Cohen  

Opposites Attract uses bold colours and fun colour combinations that make the product stand out in a fashionable and contemporary way. Production via Czar Amsterdam.

Photographer: Laila Cohen
Producer : Gemma Verberkt
Production Manager: Nadine Haselier

Producer Adidas: Jess Reynolds
Art Director Adidas: Rob Glad

Digital Operator: Lucas Hardonk
Photography Assistant: Kay Fahner
Set Designer: Desiree Brand
Set Designer Assistants: Jazz Kuipers, Lilly Williams, Veronica Allara

Stylist: Benjamin Aerts
HMUA: Bastien Zorzetto
Talents: Pilar, Maha, Sedrig, Bas, Yip

©Nadine Haselier