NADINE HASELIER  - Visual Ethnographer & DOP

adidas: Color Pop (adicolor SS22) Photography by Laila Cohen  

Color Pop takes the cosy aesthetic to its extreme, with our cast lounging in a world of endless fluffy texture. A nod back to the 90s/early 00s. Production via Czar Amsterdam.

Photographer: Laila Cohen
Producer : Nadine Haselier 
Head of Photography & Production Manager: Nina Pus

Producer Adidas: Jess Reynolds
Art Director Adidas: Rob Glad

Set Dresser: Ionie Chamilaki @ Studio IOIA
Set Dresser Assistants: Vivian Huizenga, Joia van de Ven
Styling: Ogènda ter Haar 
Styling Assistant: Jaleesa Chary
Stylist: Benjamin Aerts
Make-Up Artist: David Koppelaar
Hair Artist: Latoya Velberg
HMU Assistant: Sophie Wortelboer
Nail artist: Daniel Smedeman @ Glazed Nails

Digital Operator: Arash Fatehi
Lighting Director: Ramazan Barlas
Photography Assistant: Robben Fühler

Talents: Robbin, Zoë, Julius, Hana via Vein Agency
Casting director: Vein Agency

©Nadine Haselier