NADINE HASELIER  - Visual Ethnographer & DOP

        Facilitated by: Zazi Vintage
        Creative and film direction: Iman Whitfield
        Director of Photography: Jasper de Kloet
        Photography: Maxime Cardol
        Producer: Nadine Haselier
        Film produced by: Studio Whitfield
        Production team: Francis Yiadom , Sita Sunar, Anne-Lieke van Leeuwen 
        Sound: Gijs Domen
        Poem & Voice: Jeanne de Kroon
        Singing: Kris Berry
        Hair and makeup: Chiara Sriram, Sarah Cloé
        Location: Salon Ruigoord
        Edit: Sascha Kleerebezem
        Grading: Qianwei Tong - Captcha
        Sound design: Joep Meijburg, Steven de Cock - Public Audio  

        Kris Berry and daughter Nasa , Naz Kawan, Nilofar Feizi and mother, Zakia Haidary,
        Jeanne de Kroon, Sita Sunar, Touriya Haoud, Raja Felgata, Gisele Azad, Anne-Mei               Poppe,  Zinzi de Brouwer

A series of moving portraits, a hero film, stills and interviews.

How can we use fashion as a way to facilitate women’s stories of connection, cultural identity and relation to the world? Fashion has always been a woven story and every stitch carries a significance of creation and intentionality. It is these threads of culture that make up our identities and form our interwoven global community. We believe that change comes through the spark of connecting community and sharing values through culture.

This film, directed by one of Amsterdam’s most promising creatives Iman Whitfield, is an ode to women personifying the change that is needed within society through their own community work. Ten women of diverse cultural backgrounds came together to translate their perception of the world and how it moves them. From Iranian refugees that started their foundation to celebrate creativity amongst young kids in Dutch asylum camps to a mother and daughter sharing their ancestral Afghan knowledge through food.

︎ Production

©Nadine Haselier